Goat Rock Taylor Maid Coffee Can

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1 10oz Tin of Taylor Maid Farm's Organic Goat Rock Coffee

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Founded in 1993, Taylor Maid Farms is an independent roaster of specialty organic coffee located in Sonoma County, California. We are committed to producing 100% organic coffee, while preserving the character of the land from which our products come from. Conventionally grown coffee is one of the most chemically treated food crops on earth. In contrast, we work with coffee growers around the world who use innovative organic farming methods that focus on sustainable agriculture and maintaining the diversity of nature. We highlight these small farms and distinct regions through our rotating Single-Origin coffees, which we offer at the peak of season and freshness. We also find unique pairings of organic coffee in order to create our year-round Premium Blends. We then roast our coffee with a level of care and craft worthy of these extraordinary beans—resulting in a flavorful and distinctive cup of coffee.

While working with farms that share our core values, we seek to be a leader in sustainable practices here in Sonoma County as well. We roast our coffees on the most energy-efficient coffee roaster on the market—using on average 85% less energy than most coffee roasters in use today. We then package our coffee in recycled steel cans, and encourage our customers to reuse these cans through our Can Refill Program, which gives a discount for each 10 oz. refill. Additionally, we reduce our carbon emissions by focusing our wholesale distribution to within a 75-mile radius of our roastery in Sebastopol.

Through our community outreach and transparent business practices, we seek to integrate ourselves into the local lifestyle of Sonoma County. We support local non-profits through donations of our coffee. We have created a quality product that our employees, our customers, and our community can be proud of.

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