Drop-Site CSA Box

Store Drop-Site CSA Box

A subscription for a box of sustainably grown seasonal produce to be picked up from one of many Sonoma County drop sites. Choose between our original produce box OR the juice box specifically designed for juicing and smoothies.

Produce Box - auto-renews $24.00 Price:
Juice Box - auto-renews $24.00 Price:
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Laguna Farm would like to invite you to join us for our 30th year of Community Shared Agriculture. An alternative to conventional food marketing that creates a direct relationship between the consumer and the farmer.

By subscribing to our CSA program, members receive a weekly box of sustainably grown seasonal produce that supports their local food system. Farm pick-up, drop site or home delivery options are available. It is a real opportunity to connect in a meaningful way with your food and the farmers who grow it. Pay as you go weekly or contact the office if you would like to pay for 26 deliveries at a time instead.

More and more people are discovering the benefits of juicing. Laguna Farm's carrots, beets, kale and berries are perfect additions or bases for juice and smoothies. The Laguna Farm Juice Box is a selection of roots, greens, fruits and vegetables that are put together with juicing and smoothies in mind. The Juice box will contain items that don't necessarily have to be juiced and can be eaten raw or cooked. The selection will vary throughout the weeks with a blend of produce and fruits grown at Laguna Farm and also featuring organically grown items that lend well to juicing that are purchased off the farm (like ginger for example). Consider adding more juice in your life and order a juice box! Pay as you go weekly or for 26 deliveries at a time.

Laguna Farm is located on 30 acres adjacent to the Laguna de Santa Rosa, northern California's largest freshwater marsh. Using sustainable farming methods that protect soil resources and water quality, we help to preserve our adjoining wetlands, as well as the larger community. Our method of growing stewards the earth as a living system and connects us with nature.

Community support connects us with each other. We feel that living and practicing agriculture based on this interconnectedness can lay the foundation for physical, cultural, intellectual and spiritual growth.

Laguna Farm has been providing organically grown produce to the Sonoma County area for over 20 years. Our growing standards are above those of the National Organic Program (NOP), which, we believe, has compromised the original intent of the organic community. For this reason, we at Laguna Farm have chosen to drop our organic certification, though our commitment has not changed.

    The Laguna Farm Store represents a collection of high quality sustainably produced products. We source items from the broader bay area to offer to our members.

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